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Chitarrine Marinare alla Giuliese - Grand Hotel Don Juan

We discover in this new space dedicated to the kitchen , so many gastronomic specialties of Abruzzo. There is nothing better than to tell a people – its culture and its traditions – through what they eat.

So here’s our first recipe , as told by the chef of our restaurant Evasio Giuseppe Vitale.

The “Chitarra”, along with “arrosticini”, is one of the most famous dish of Abruzzo . It takes its name from the special tool to work the dough , which is called guitar: consists of a wooden frame on which are fixed steel wire which is laid out the puff pastry (strictly egg) that you draw over a rolling pin pressure which cuts the pasta, with special squared shape.

The Recipe

Servings: 10 people
Preparation: 20 minutes
Cooking time: 20 minutes
Mode : Serve Hot


  • gr 1.800 fish broth
  • gr 600 fresh Chitarrina
  • gr 250 extra virgin olive oil
  • gr 50 Fresh garlic cutting
  • gr 140 Onion
  • gr 800 Sole
  • gr 400 Scampi
  • gr 400 Scampi tails in shell
  • gr 500 Anglerfish
  • gr 500 squid (net)
  • gr 100 Parsley


Place in a saucepan soles in hot oil and add the garlic and onion and let it simmer , then add the fish .

After that everything fits well stew (but not fried), add the broth and cook until the sole and the anglerfish are completely cooked.

Remove the sole and anglerfish and allow to reduce the background : emulsify everything, add salt and parsley.

Combine the pasta and stir in the grenadine tomato, the fruit flavored squid and prawns clean and well flavored.

Garnish with chervil and sole in cuttings, made in the broth flavor of the fish along with the flesh of anglerfish.

Serve piping hot … and welcome in Abruzzo !

If you pass in our country , come to find Evasio the Chef and his kitchen brigade to taste the legendary Chitarrine Marinara Giuliese

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