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of: Staff Grand Hotel Don Juan / / No Comments on Le Gioie nel Piatto – Olive all’ascolana

It takes a little ‘ to prepare them … and end up too fast ! But you want to put the satisfaction of eating homemade instead of buying them frozen ? We currently have the recipe for Olive all’ascolana .. so good to eat them two at a time !

Olive ascolane

Olive all’ascolana

Ingredients for 8 people
Semi-hard green stuffed olives
1kg of olives medium
Oil for frying 400 gr
Shoulder of veal 200 gr
Pork shoulder 100 g
Turkey breast 100 gr
Brisket of Beef 100 gr
Mortadella 60 gr
Parmesan cheese 60 gr
Carrot 60 grams
Celery 60 grams
Onion 50 gr
Salt and pepper and nutmeg q.b.
6 eggs
“00” flour

In a saucepan, put carrots, celery and onion, 60 grams of extra virgin olive oil . Add all the meat cut into small cubes . Salt and pepper q.b. Cook over moderate heat for about 30 min. Sprinkle with a glass of wine Trebbiano . Grind the meat grinder 1 time. Add all remaining ingredients , only 3 whole eggs . Grind again, let the mixture stand . Fill the olives , dip in flour , eggs and finally in breadcrumbs . Proceed for 2 times the breading . Fry in deep fat. Serve hot .

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