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Wedding and Banquets

Dream Menu for Special Ceremonies

Celebrate with us your wedding and other important moments of your life. To make a memorable day of your “Yes” or for your birthday, your graduation, communions, christenings or baptisms, just book one of the stylish and spacious rooms of the hotel and guide you in choosing the menu that best suits your needs.

Customized Services
  • Choice of table linen, cutlery and dishes, utensils and decorations
  • Cards for Wines with Sommelier
  • Choice of menu
  • Prin the menu
  • Service to the plate and / or English
  • Mise en places customized
  • Cooking at sight, visible cuts of national ham and Iberian
  • Ice Sculptures
  • Fireworks
  • Dance, Live, Live Music
  • Jordan Almonds
  • Rum and cigars, cigar makers at sight
Buffet Personalizzati - Grand Hotel Don Juan

Buffet customized for your Banquets

Decorazioni Buffet - Grand Hotel Don Juan

Carving and Decorations Buffet

Honeymoons and Weddings: Wedding Party in Abruzzo

The location is a landmark in the area for Wedding Party, by tradition, elegance and originality of the proposals. You can find different types of rooms both inside and outside with large spaces up to 300 seats, with banquets served, buffet and also with a view cooking.

Our Rooms

Restaurant Don Juan → capacity up to 300 seats
Room D’annunzio → capacity up to 150 seats
Room Ovidio → capacity up to 70 seats
Rooom Silone → capacity up to 55 seats
Room Collodi → capacity up to 30 seats
Room Gran Sasso → capacity up to 170 seats

List of Wedding Menu

Menu Dream of Love

WELCOME DRINK A poolside with Franciacorta Brut, Riesling Hoffstatter, Bellini, Negroni, non-alcoholic fruit fresh. Canapes with salmon and smoked soft cheese, prawns and olives, smoked tuna and swordfish, vegetarian and sausage reef and Grana. Oysters Special Claires

APPETIZER BUFFET The dairyman with cheese slices, buns and homemade gourmet cake. Raw sea urchins, prawns, extra truffles, squid, oysters, prawns, tuna, salmon, sea bass, lobster and lobster Catalan.

PASTA Seafood risotto “Giuliese style”. Pasta in shellfish sauce.

MAIN COURSE Fish catch of the day baked with potatoes and asparagus.




CELLAR Rosé San Lorenzo, Gewurtztraminner Hoffstatter Kolbenohf, Pietrabianca of Tormaresca, Bellavista dry

Fleur-de-lis Menu

WELCOME DRINK Canapes, canapes and small Vol-au-vent with sparkling wine and soft drinks.


FIRST COURSES Risotto with lemon of Sorrento and shrimp sauté. Pasta extruded through bronze with grouper ragout, clams and broccoli.

MAIN COURSES Tris of fish with aromatic bread and fennel sauce.




Orchid Menu

WELCOME DRINK Canapés, small “panzerotti”, “focaccia”, canapés with sparkling wine, soft drinks


FIRST COURSES Pasta with crispy bacon and artichoke pesto with almonds. Noodle pudding with mushrooms and heifer sauce with herbs

MAIN COURSES Fillet of Angus to Montepulciano wine with crushed potatoes with thyme




List Menu for Banquets and Buffet

Congress, local banqueting – birthdays, graduations, baptisms, communions – Social Dinners, small meetings. There are many occasions where you can try the original menu banquets of Don Juan. Here are some of our most popular menu.

Banquet and Buffet Gold

Cocktail Buffet standing and / or sitting

  • Welcome Canapés
  • Pizzas by the slice and “focaccia”
  • Small “panzerotti” and small vol-au-vent
  • Valencian Paella in Bellavista
  • Fine de Claire Oysters on ice
  • Steamed salmon with pink pepper and lemon
  • Squid plated and cuttlefish to “Giuliese Style” with peppers
  • Shrimp roasted with bacon
  • Carpaccio of fish, salmon, tuna and swordfish – to the chef’s sauces
  • Parma Ham and Melon cut
  • Chunks of filet with bacon
  • Veils of Angus with marinated vegetables
  • Sea Salad with vegetables in olive oil and lemon
  • Local cheeses with jams
  • Salt cod salad with marinated artichokes
  • Prawns fried
  • pizzas by the slice with buns
  • Vegetables battered and vol-au-vent
  • Cuts from “Gran Sasso” and DOP cheeses to jams
  • Cous cous with vegetables and crustaceans
  • barley salad – garden and sea
  • Fresh ham cut
  • Smoked salmon on black bread
  • Fish-sword smoked and smoked tuna
  • Crayfish in ice
  • Scampi “Catalana Style”
  • Catalan crustaceans

Banquet and Buffet Light

Cocktail Buffet standing and / or sitting

  • Rustic ham
  • Rustic meat
  • Rustic with spinach and ricotta
  • Focaccia stuffed
  • Focaccia Pugliese
  • Small “panzerotti”
  • Pancakes
  • Pizza
  • Sausage crushed and local cheese
  • Spicy cottage cheese and sour artichokes with salad
  • Salad with Swiss cheese and tomatoes and pesto vinegreatte
  • Shrimp with lettuce and radicchio in red wine vinegar
  • Green beans and parmesan on the first fruits from the garden
  • Pasta with crispy bacon, mushrooms and tomato
  • Local lamb in clay and potatoes
  • Fruit and pastry

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